British companies leading digital transformation in Europe

UK businesses are the best prepared in Europe when it comes to a digital future, according to research from Prophet.

The study surveyed young adults between the ages of 18 and 34, posing the question ‘How well prepared is your employer for a digital future?’

The UK scored highest, with 79 per cent of respondents believing their employer has already made significant steps to deal with digital challenges.

Switzerland (72 per cent) and Germany (71 per cent) ranked second and third, while France (61 per cent) was the most underprepared country included.

Interestingly, France ranked highest when respondents were asked if they felt better prepared for the digital future than their employers, while the UK ranked lowest.

Paul English, partner at Prophet UK, commented: “Digital transformation brings significant changes to the working environment, the consequences – positive and negative – for people and companies can be profound.  Employees need to embrace change for it to be successful, for sure.

“But businesses also need clear communications strategies in order to manage the anxieties around big change initiatives, such as fears among employees that they are becoming obsolete, that they’ll lose their jobs to technologies. These are very real and can be serious impediments if not managed early and actively.“