Business jargon needs to be scrapped, say marketers

Some 83% of senior marketers think jargon is adding unnecessary complexity to the digital marketing landscape, a survey has revealed.

The research – conducted by media marketing consultancy NewBase – surveyed 1000 global marketers to identify the biggest issues facing the industry. The results discovered that eight in 10 marketers felt business jargon was littering the digital marketing landscape.

The majority of respondents believed it was the industry bodies’ responsibility to lead the sector away from business jargon.

Over half of marketers also wanted monitoring from an industry body to oversee ad fraud and audience verification, with nine in 10 marketers proposing a standard third-party to confirm customer requests and orders. This year, ad fraud is anticipated to cost $16.4 billion.

The survey also focused on transparency, ROI and the ad tech supply chain which revealed 96% of marketers wanted increased collaboration between brands, agencies, publishers and ad tech providers. In addition, most agreed ROI and accountability were more important than ever.

Earlier this year, LinkedIn revealed the most overused buzzwords on its members' profile pages.

Mike Jeanes, head of insight at NewBase, said: “Global marketers are united in calling for industry bodies to show leadership on the challenges facing the sector; the responses were remarkably consistent across the region, industry sector and professional level. They are also keen to collaborate more with their business partners to make the digital supply chain more transparent, easier to use and understand. The profession is calling upon its leaders to act and make good on the promises made recently.”