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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Anderson fronts Woodland Trust carbon capture launch


TV presenter Clive Anderson has launched a scheme that will allow companies to reduce their impact on the environment by planting trees at sites across the UK.

As President of the Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation charity, Anderson has announced the launch of a carbon capture and storage project for companies.

After a 3-4 year pilot period the Woodland Trust are now working with companies ranging from the retail to finance sector. As well as mitigating the effect of their carbon emissions, it creates valuable wildlife habitats.

Companies who opt to work with the Woodland Trust are able to use its ‘kitemark' in their publicity material.

Stephen Hartford, a senior fundraiser from the Corporate Partnerships Team says, "we can help companies with their marketing, if the carbon capture scheme is no good for them we work with them to find other ways they can help." Hartford explains how advertising, search engine optimising and agencies recommending new clients will all be used to market the campaign.

Clive Anderson says, "not only will it help companies reduce their impact on global warming but it will lead to new woodland".

The Trust aims to create 1,000 hectares of new woodland each year planting 1 million trees. This is the equivalent to taking 80,000 cars off the road.

Trees are valuable carbon capture systems that have been efficient at the process of collecting and storing CO2 for many years. The Woodland Trust believes if companies offset their emissions by planting more woodland it will have a positive impact on the environment.

Dr Nick Atkinson, carbon manager for the Woodland Trust, calls ancient woodland, "our equivalent to the rainforest, an irreplaceable habitat and the richest wildlife refuge in the UK." He believes new woodland would lock up carbon and protect the areas many species depend on to live.


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