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CAMPAIGN NEWS: B2B brand pilots voice message broadcasting


 Camden Corporate is piloting voice
message broadcasting

B2B brand Camden Corporate is to pilot a digital marketing campaign that relies on voice message broadcasting to push sales of its fleet cars.


Five thousand customers will today receive a personalised voice message, backed up by a call to action on their mobiles or landlines, inviting them to take part in a dealership promotion. The decision to pilot the technology is understood to be a result of disappointing results from print advertising.

"There is little doubt that digital media will overtake traditional means of advertising for businesses to reach and engage with customers and we believe (this) could become campaign nirvana for us," says Gavin Cook, Camden Corporate's retail marketing manager.

To date, this type of technology has typically been associated with the B2C space, with organisations such as banks and charities using such software to effectively ‘spam' large audiences with their offerings. However according to Relay Station, which is aiding Camden Corporate with its campaign, interest in the medium is growing amongst within the B2B sector, crucially because of the increased interest in the mobile telephone as a credible marketing tool.

"This is the year of the mobile, when it finally becomes a business tool and a way for businesses to interact with each other," says company spokesman Hugh Patterson. "We are expecting this type of technology to have a big impact on the direct mail and print industries in 2008 and are seeing more big brands adopt this technology."

Camden Corporate's fleet customers include vehicle manufacturers, daily rental companies, contract hire and leasing businesses, major outright purchase fleets and bodyshops. Seven of Camden Corporate's franchised retail dealerships around the UK are taking part in the trial, which will invite customers to take advantage of up to £4,000 off showroom prices on its March registration models.

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