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CAMPAIGN NEWS: EHS 4D uses NFC and gamification to engage staff

Digital marketing agency EHS 4D is using near field communication (NFC) to increase staff fitness levels.

The agency is responsible for the website and social media platform for the Mayor’s ‘Summer like no other’ campaign and has used it as the inspiration behind the internal campaign. In a bid to stop staff taking the lift and get them using the stairs in the six-storey building EHS 4D has used an NFC gamification campaign.

Staff members have been given a sticker with an NFC chip embedded in it so they can swipe card readers on the building’s various floors. Each swipe records the number of stairs climbed and the individuals and departments who have traversed the largest number of stairs each month will be rewarded with a prize. Cheats, however, will not prosper as stickers that are swiped too often or too quickly, meaning individuals would have taken the lift, will be deducted points.

Nigel Clifton, head of creative at EHS 4D said, "It's amazing how quickly you can bring an idea to life by finding the bits you need on Google, solder them together, hack some code and work up some design ideas to get a prototype running. Moreover this is a great example of the use of 'gamification' to drive behaviour change."