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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Getmedia rebrands as voicescape to ditch 'dotcom' feel

Telephony services provider, Getmedia, has rebranded as Voicescape following extensive market and client research with B2B agency Marketecture. John Doyle, CEO of Voicescape, comments, “The old brand was a bit dotcom, the look and feel was from that era when we mostly had media clients.”

Doyle states that the media audience has gradually been replaced with resellers who were confused by the company name.

“We needed to establish a new identity, which reflects what we're doing now, not what we did two years ago. Branding brings it all together,” he adds.

Doyle came up with the new name and Marketecture based the design around this – the company name is embedded in a speech box on the logo.

Established six years ago, the company initially specialised in interactive voice response and SMS services, but has recently branched into B2B applications such as call conferencing, call broadcasting, customer surveys and payment collection solutions as well as speech recognition and text-to-speech.

Doyle plans to commence with a DM and webmarketing campaign to resellers once new marketing collateral has been produced.

On the appointment of Marketecture, Doyle states that he was impressed by their willingness to measure and account for every action.