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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Growing pains for UK blogging

The UK is behind the curve in blogging, almost certainly the fastest growing form of corporate communications, with only one in ten business leaders embracing related technologies.

This is according to new research from technology provider SixApart and Lewis PR, which found amongst business leaders a mismatch between acceptance of blogging as a key future information source (43 per cent) and actual development of a blog (11 per cent).

The research also revealed that the majority of firms (89 per cent) do not have a corporate policy on blogging, and as a result have little or no control over what information is published on their behalf.

Loic Le Meur, MD of SixApart, comments, “Webblogging is changing the way organisations are viewed and their reputations managed. The luxury of controlling newsflow is becoming a thing of the past as online communities chat freely about the products, businesses and reputations. What communications people must realise, is that the blog conversations will happen, with or without them, so they can't afford to turn a blind eye.”

New research from Edelman and blog search engine Technorati, meanwhile, has cast light on views of the bloggers themselves. The main motivation of blogging was identified as 'visibility as an authority in my field'. Under half of bloggers had never been approached by a PR representative from their company. Bloggers regard information received from corporate blogs as trustworthy (85 per cent).


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