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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Infinera hit the road in latest campaign

 Infinera branded truck on the road 

US technology company Infinera has launched the new leg of its international roadshow campaign.

The campaign is designed to create new business opportunities for the technology company showcasing its optical networking technology, as well as allowing potential customers hands on experience with their services. Visitors are able to carry out live network configurations on board the branded vehicle.

The B2B campaign begun in May 2009 and has already toured 13 countries in Europe and Asia. The new leg will begin in Hamburg in September then make its way to the UK via Helsinki, Stockholm, Luxembourg and Amsterdam.

Justin Isles, client services diretor of Event Marketing Solutions, the agency behind the campaign, says, "More and more international B2B brands are now appreciating how roadshow campaigns can give them the marketing edge." He names other clients using this technique as Parker and Motorola.