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CAMPAIGN NEWS: InterGlobal launches 'passport to global protection' campaign



International private medical insurer InterGlobal has launched a major new marketing initiative aimed at brokers and financial advisers to promote the company's international private medical insurance (PMI) plans.

The campaign features InterGlobal's ‘passport to global protection' - a pop-up passport featuring all of the company's international PMI plans.

The campaign is intended both to promote InterGlobal's range of plans for individuals and corporate groups and to reinforce intermediaries awareness of InterGlobal's size, international reach and financial resources as an AM Best B++ rated insurer.

Matt Wilkinson, group marketing Manager, InterGlobal says: "The new marketing campaign is intended to drive the message home to intermediaries and to make them aware that we can deliver the service levels expected from a specialist provider, combined with the market influence that enables us to compete head on with the major insurers for the largest group schemes. InterGlobal has a portfolio of international health insurance plans, when combined with the 24/7 security service of red24 we believe the passport to global protection message is a very fitting statement."

InterGlobal provide international PMI plans to individuals and corporate groups across the world as well as specialist plans for international students and school staff abroad.