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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Make it Cheaper opens SME business gym

Make It Cheaper has teamed up with former Dragon’s Den star, Doug Richard, to create an online ‘business gym’ for SMEs.

The Business Fit website, being branded as a business gym, has been created on the back of research from the comparison site that highlights the struggle many SMEs face in reducing overheads.

Make It Cheaper’s research revealed 61 per cent of SME owners say it’s easier to focus on sales than reducing costs and 60 per cent tend to buy business essentials through consumer retail channels.

The Business Fit site will offer training sessions, webinars, a user forum and the chance to get Doug Richard as a personal trainer.

Jonathan Elliott, managing director of Make It Cheaper, said, “While driving sales is the bread and butter of any business, it is important to avoid falling into uncommercial behaviours that directly impact profitability.

“Every pound saved is a pound of profit made, without having to go looking for extra revenue, so now is the time for small businesses to go on a cost diet.”