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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Marilyn brings 50s glamour to recycling campaign

 RockTron prove critics wrong in digital campaign

Marilyn Monroe is a big hit in the B2B digital world. Thanks to agencies JDI and Blue Ribbon Digital she has achieved click-through rates (CTR) of 13.55 per cent for recycling company RockTron.

In a joint venture the agencies used the 50s starlet to front a campaign for RockTron. The digital element of the campaign saw a CTR 135 times greater than the industry average of 0.1 per cent for a flash advertisement.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness and promote discussion around RockTron's new recycling technology. RockTron says its new technology, to transform coal-fired power station waste into valuable eco-minerals, was expected to fail and just like Monroe it proved critics wrong.

The campaign, which has also been run in print, encourages viewers to visit a microsite. Matthew Greene (MD of BRD) and Duncan Richardson (MD of JDi) said, "We're confident that our unique blend of integrated traditional and digital represents the future."