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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Michelin goes green to save money


Michelin promotes the B2B element of its
latest global campaign

Michelin has launched a new global campaign encouraging its distributors to allow it to run a seminar designed to educate their staff about the company's new eco friendly tyres.

The tyre manufacturer is targeting its current distributors and implementing a four month education programme with incentives. It is setting up a training programme and those centres that have trained the most staff or have completed training in the quickest time will be eligible for a reward.

The campaign is designed to be memorable in order to help dealers use Michelins core brand selling points. It has used the acronym FLAG which stands for fuel, longevity and grip(safety).

The B2C element of the campaign encompasses TV and media, Michelin will expect its dealers to capitalise on this and use it to explain its fuel message to their B2B customers encouraging the sector to start thinking about green issues now the worry of the economic climate has been eased.