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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Optima's superhero transcends viral campaign


Optima Group could be seeking to transform the superhero from its latest viral game into an ‘avatar' for the company.

Optiman, The Super Architect was launched in May to drive traffic to the firms new website - which was soft launched simultaneously.

Managing director of Cyber-Duck - the agency which created the viral - Danny Bluestone said: "The superhero architect was a character originally created simply to market this viral, but he has become incredibly popular amongst Optima's customers and therefore has now become an avatar for the company itself."

Architects and construction industry professionals were the target for the commercial glass partitioning firm's viral-led marketing campaign, which has a clear mandate to increase brand awareness and conversion rate.

The new site reportedly generated a spike in traffic of over 1000 visitors in June, and was picked up on architect forums, architect Facebook groups and architect magazines.

The viral is part of a long-running publicity drive which will see Optima advertising across various architect and construction portals and magazines. The campaign will also be supplemented by the firm's monthly e-newsletters which are distributed to existing and potential customers.