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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Palletways attracts customers with smoke-breathing dragon

 Pan-European logistics provider Palletways has unveiled a new marketing ‘vehicle' - a 61ft-tall smoke-breathing dragon.

The dragon, known as Slick, is taller than an eight-storey building and higher than five elephants standing on each other's shoulders. It has size 116 feet, a wingspan of 14 metres and a 44-metre-long tail.

The dragon, which has a giant pallet on its back, is also the only balloon in the UK with a glass bottom ‘basket'. Palletways is offering partner companies branding opportunities on the giant pallet carried on Slick's back.

Member companies across the UK will also be able to use the balloon at a local level to build relationships with customers and prospect businesses. The balloon will be making appearances at major events around the country.

Paul Komuro, marketing consultant to Palletways said, "The launch of the balloon is part of our interactive marketing strategy to increase the engagement that our own staff and customers - whether they be warehouse staff or financial directors - have with the Palletways' UK and continental European brands.

Advising Palletways Europe GmbH on the design and marketing of the balloon have been Bristol-based JBP Public Relations, Dunwoody Design from Newbury and balloon marketing specialists LSB PR, based in South Wales.