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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Powwownow squares up to airline's claims


  Powwownow's response to Flybe's claims

Conference call provider Powwownow has created a new campaign to hit back at British Airways and Flybe's latest push to encourage business travel.

BA and Flybe's latest print creative features a faceless woman below copy reading ‘Would you do business with me?', next to it is a smiling woman with the copy ‘Business is better face-to-face'. The ad concludes that ‘Conference calls don't win business'.

In response Powwownow, together with agency Base One, has created a ‘vandalised' version of the advert to run in the national press.

Powwownow will roll out the activity across London this week to promote its free conference call service.

Andy Pearce, CEO of Powwownow said, "As one of the little guys we wanted to create a tongue in cheek response to the aviation industries insistence that we all fly to meetings.  In my mind conference calls allow you to reach the same decision at faction of the cost and SMEs should not be bullied into making loads of unnecessary flights".

Previous Powwownow marketing activity has included taking part in London's annual 7km Gorilla Run which raises money for mountain gorillas.

In a play on the term guerrilla marketing runners wore customised gorilla suits and handed out Powwownow branded bananas.