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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Solopress launch gaming app

The online printing company, Solopress, has launched a free gaming app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with the aim to build brand awareness.

In addition to the app, Solopress are utilising a number of different channels to promote the app, including content marketing, sponsorships and online advertising.

The campaign will continue throughout the summer with a high-score competition to win £200 of vouchers at the end of August.

Aron Priest, CEO and co-founder of Solopress, said: “We are huge fans of video games and mobile technology at Solopress, so we decided to share the fun with a free gaming app for Apple’s phones and tablets. Give our game a go - it’s simple to play, yet surprisingly addictive. It also gives a little taster of just how nimble the print professionals at Solopress have to be to accomplish our incredibly fast printing times!”

Find out how the game works: