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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Two Sides tackles greenwashing corporates

Two Sides, forum for the paper industry, has launched a national campaign to stop greenwashing by major corporate companies.

The paper industry forum is targeting large corporates i.e. Banks and building societies, utilities and telecoms, who claim switching to online communication is better for the environment. Two Sides argue many of these claims are unsupported and are in breach of ASA regulations.

The company will write to the CEOs and the heads of legal departments of all major banks, building societies, utility and telecoms providers raising their concerns. Martyn Eustace, director of Two Sides, said, "If these concerns are not addressed, we will lodge a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)."

Eustace emphasises that, "we are more than willing to engage in a meeting and provide these companies' marketing and legal departments with all the facts about the sustainability of print media to help ensure that the messages they are sending out to the public and their customers are both factually and environmentally correct."