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CAMPAIGN NEWS: Xerox ready for real business

 Xerox helps Marriott Hotels get back to 'real business'

Xerox has launched a new website as part of its multimillion pound B2B marketing campaign ‘Ready for real business', designed to raise awareness of its service offerings.

The global marketing campaign, which includes print, TV, web and airport advertising, went live in America on September 7 and is due to launch in the UK, France and Germany in October., the campaign website, is an interactive experience that sees case studies come to life as they are presented by Xerox customers.

The document management company uses iconic characters to represent some of its customers e.g. A Marriot bell boy and a Ducati rider represent the hospitality giant and motorcycle company respectively. Xerox said, "These co-mingling characters are trying to get back to real business."

Xerox is aiming to show businesses that by using its services they are able to concentrate on what they are experts in i.e. ‘the real business' and leave the rest to Xerox. The campaign will run until the end of the year but is expected to be long-lasting and exist alongside