CHRISTMAS NEWS: Deck the halls with...nothing!



Over half the offices in Britain (55 percent) have spent absolutely nothing on Christmas decorations, according to a recent survey by office design company Maris Interiors.

The overall average spend per employee was a Scrooge-like 23p. Only two per cent of the 140 offices surveyed had spent more than £5 per employee on Christmas decorations this year, a new low, as last year’s average was 28p and in 2008 it was a princely sum of 31p.  

Of the 45 per cent of offices with any festive cheer at all, tinsel was the most common decoration: most commonly taped to the ceiling or around computer monitors. And only 12 per cent of companies splashed out on a Christmas tree, with the average height of the tree being less than five feet.  

Maris Interiors chairman, Michael Howard, said, “"This is slightly depressing to hear - even in these austere times, companies should perhaps think of employee morale before cutting back completely on the Christmas decorations. A few quid on some fairy lights might go an awful long way!”"

Santa won’t be impressed.