Companies failing to be agile in embracing tech

Only 15% of marketers say their organisation is very agile in embracing new technology.

According to Walker Sands new 2018 State of Martech Report, 63% of marketers feel the martech landscape has evolved rapidly over the past year.

But companies have failed to keep up, with only 23% of marketers stating their organisation’s use of martech is able to run at the same pace.

However, this has not discouraged marketers from investing in martech, with many continuing to develop their skill set in this area. Currently, 41% of marketing organisations believe they have exceptional tech skills, while another 53% feel their tech skills are adequate.

A promising 65% of companies also plan to increase expenditure of martech in the next 12 months. Although 27% of marketers feel internal resistance to change prevents their business from making new investments.

Jennifer Mulligan, marketing technology account director at Walker Sands and co-author of the report, said: "I'd caution marketers not to overcompensate with thier new budgets. Martech tools are powerful if used well. Marketers should start implementing martech  that alleviates tedious work like CRM solutions and social media management tools before they implement the sexy solutions like AI and VR."

The other big finding from the report is that most marketers feel optimistic about their job prospects despite the growth of martech innovation. Anyone who's been frustrated by an encounter with Siri or a Google search knows that we're far from being replaced by technology. While tech is becoming more powerful, the reality is that marketers' jobs are safe and simply evolving to incorporate more technology to implement and measure their campaigns."

The research surveyed 300 marketing professionals.

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