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Company culture holding back digital execution, say heads of digital

Company culture is a bigger barrier to digital success than lack of skills or budget in large businesses, according to a report by Acquia.

Digital heads are becoming frustrated with their company’s culture towards digital, with 50% saying they lack strategy support from team members and those in other departments, and 37% admitting they lack support from their own board. Only 36% state lack of skills as a barrier, and 21% that lack of budget is a problem.

This chasm between strategy and execution is holding back progress, according to the report, hampering companies’ ability to jump on modern trends like personalisation and multi-channel marketing.

Lack of a modern digital setup

Additionally, 48% of heads say the main reason they can’t personalise properly is because they don’t know enough about their website visitors, and 47% say the biggest challenge with multi-channel marketing is not being able to keep content up-to-date. Acquia argues this stems from lacking a modern digital setup that makes managing a brand on a global level simpler.

Sylvia Jensen, VP of EMEA marketing at Acquia, said: "Not being able to execute on digital strategy is very much a downward spiral. Dabbling in digital that fails ultimately dissatisfies the board, which means less budget towards it and a disbelief in its ability. But when done properly, digital execution has shown time and time again to be a huge revenue generator for business. Getting it right, therefore, is hugely important."