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CONFERENCE NEWS: Internal comms is vital

The opening sessions of the B2B Marketing Conference 2012 highlighted the importance of internal communications.

Both morning keynotes, from Paul Cash, director of OTM and Will McInnes, MD of Nixon McInnes suggested an organisation's employees are key to engaging customers increasingly turning away from brands when making purchase decisions.

Cash said, "The most powerful brands have employees who go above and beyond and deliver customers a 'magical experience.' That customer will tell a friend and then your brand story has been created." To support his thinking Cash added, "84 per cent of WOM influences purchase decisions."

McInnes continued on the internal focus marketers should be taking by saying, "People with the answers will inherit the earth and you want people like this in your work force."

Attendees were told to move away from having the CEO as a brand ambassador and to create an environment where employees are engaging customers.

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