CONTENT NEWS: Majority of companies lack multilingual content strategy

The majority of global brands (60 per cent) lack a multilingual content strategy, according to new research by cloud-based translation management application, Cloudwords.

Despite translation being part of 41 per cent of brands' marketing budgets, more than two-thirds of global marketers revealed they lack insight into their annual translation spend or budgets.

The survey findings highlight marketing pain points typically associated with localisation. Nearly 30 per cent of participants said the biggest challenges are high cost and slow turnaround times. Plus, 20 per cent noted the complexities of keeping branding and messaging consistent globally, and 19 per cent found difficulties in managing multiple translation vendors and projects as a challenge to the localisation process.

Scott Yancey, CEO and co-founder at Cloudwords, says: "These findings are another indication of the larger challenges that Cloudwords is solving, namely that companies want to increase market share by reaching global audiences, but lack the approach and tools to do it successfully in today's fast-moving, content-rich world."