Creating personalised content biggest challenge for marketers

Creating personalised content is the biggest content challenge for creative marketers, according to a Rapt Media report.

Eighty-three per cent of survey respondents said developing content that’s personalised is their biggest content hurdle.

The report suggests better content tech is the key to overcoming this challenge, with 94 per cent of marketing creatives citing it as the main driver for producing engaging and personalised content.

Understandably, making content engaging was cited as the key component of successful content, while personalising it to different audiences and distributing it to the right (and multiple) channels were also commonly referenced.

Seemingly less important was making content measurable beyond clicks and views, with 77 per cent of marketers saying linking metrics with content is not important.

This is further highlighted by 86 per cent of marketers admitting they are not held accountable for business metrics from content they produce.

In terms of content investment, most marketers are currently spending most on marketing automation systems (69 per cent), with only 36 per cent investing in distribution platforms, and only 17 per cent in content creation platforms.

Erika Trautman, founder and CEO of Rapt Media, commented: “Personalisation has to be prioritised from the moment content is created. It must be created with the ability for customers to navigate, explore and customise it to their personal preferences and interests.”

“Emerging content technology is the key to creating a new kind of customer-centric experience that also allows marketers to glean deep analytics from the content, understand its effectiveness, and optimise it for better performance.”