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CRM NEWS: Gumbyte launches first single SaaS platform

Gumbyte has launched CrowdVu, the first single SaaS platform to convert social prospects into B2B-segmented marketing data.

CrowdVu identifies key prospects and influencers by conversation, sector and region. For marketers and CRM/database managers, the tool provides a source of qualified influencers and prospects based on social conversations.

Plus, the platform will shortly be able to integrate into an email marketing, marketing automation or CRM application.

For sales professionals this means they can now take part in social selling.

Pete Jakob, owner of Purple Salix, commented on the news: “Having worked in the industry for a number of years, I am aware of the products and services available to the market and I’ve seen nothing that matches its intelligence or ease of use. Marketers have talked a long time about developing personas to market too, well now it is possible to actually search them and identify people based on their interests and roles in a way that was not possible with traditional data acquisition strategies.”

Meanwhile, Scot McRae, managing director at McRae&Co, said: “We are continually searching for applications complementary to marketing automation that helps companies increase sales performance and marketing effectiveness, and CrowdVu does just that. Sales professionals can now easily identify and make contact with qualified new prospects and marketing teams can quickly identify the key influencers and latest trends.”