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CUSTOMER INSIGHT NEWS: Adobe launches business tool to enhance customer experience

Adobe Systems Incorporated has unveiled its new web experience management solution, an integrated platform designed to enable enterprises to deliver immersive, multi-channel experiences to their customers.

The new customer experience management (CEM) platform enables businesses to leverage new mobile devices and social communities to extend marketing reach, drive brand engagement, and increase conversion rates. It incorporates product enhancements to Adobe’s unified suite of content management tools, CQ5, including new modules for mobile and marketing campaign management as well as new integration with Adobe Online Marketing Suite.

Rob Tarkoff, senior vice president and general manager of digital enterprise solutions at Adobe, commented, “The pressure is high for businesses to become more social, personalised and interactive while maintaining greater revenue at a lower cost. This careful balancing act of effectiveness, improved customer experiences, and multi-channel optimisation can only be achieved through an end-to-end web experience management solution.

“CQ5 from Adobe, combined with the capabilities of Adobe Online Marketing Suite, gives business leaders unrivalled intelligence and agility to bolster their company brand and incite greater customer loyalty.”

Adobe’s Web experience management solution is available immediately worldwide.