CUSTOMER INSIGHT NEWS: B2B Barometer invites participants in third survey

The third in a series of market surveys carried out by B2B specialist research agency Circle Research and supported by ABBA and the IDM, is about to be carried out.

The research is open to qualifying B2B marketers within companies and specialist agencies. Qualifying individuals can sign up to take part in the survey on

The last B2B Barometer survey of around 200 B2B marketers and agencies revealed trends and spends as well as the various ways in which marketing funds were being apportioned to the best effect during a recession.

The organisers said it has provided "an accurate measure of what is happening to business markets and is already helped both clients and agencies make future marketing decisions based on real peer-to-peer information."

Debbie Williams, chair of the IDM B2B Council, said, "The B2B market place is changing rapidly. It is very difficult for companies and agencies to keep pace with new trends and following the two successful surveys and compilation and publication of the data, the B2B Barometer survey is now being acknowledged by many industry experts as the leading B2B market information source. 

"I am delighted to continue lending my support to this comprehensive survey, which will continue to assist B2B marketers in tracking trends and making informed decisions for their business future."