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CUSTOMER INSIGHT NEWS: Brands ‘must act now’ on EU cookie regulations

Brands not already working on changes to their websites ahead of May’s EU deadline on cookie regulations risk damaging the user experiences they offer, according to Maxymiser.

The multivariate testing company, which recently launched a related whitepaper, has also warned that customer conversions could be affected though inaction.

Peter Ellen, head of product at Maxymiser, says “By May 2012, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is expecting organisations to operate within the law, so it is essential that organisations start looking now at strategies that will ensure compliance and attain user consent without breaking the website.

“Finding out which approach works and assessing the right wording and design elements will be a critical part of ensuring ICO demands are met without affecting the bottom line. But brands need to act now to put those tests in place so the results can be acted on before May 2012.” 

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