CUSTOMER INSIGHT NEWS: Getty Images offers marketers insight into visual trends

Getty Images has launched a new website for businesses and marketers to gain an insight into upcoming trends in visual communications and enhance their brand's visual content.

The Curve, designed to be an online publication, is intended to provide readers with case studies and insight from global decision makers and encourage them to assess their own visual content strategy.

The online publication can be downloaded as a pdf and is also available as an iPad edition. The interactive site allows visitors to view articles and share them with colleagues, as well as linking through to lightboxes of relevant images.

The launch issue will be focussed on financial content featuring case studies from Barclaycard and Standard Chartered Bank. The site will feature content from different industries each quarter, they will include health and well being and non-profit issues.

Andy Saunders, vice president, creative imagery of Getty Images said, "As leaders in supplying imagery and multimedia content to the industry, The Curve enables us to share that knowledge with users, offering insight into the visual trends affecting their industry and helping them to develop and enhance their own brand communications."