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CUSTOMER INSIGHT NEWS: IBM research suggests customer centricity on the up

A series of revelations in newly published IBM C-suite research suggests businesses are attempting to give customers more of a say in what they do.

The Customer-activated Enterprise reveals that while 43 per cent of CEOs now include customers in the development of business strategies, this number is expected to jump to 60 per cent within the next three to five years.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that in the last twelve months the percentage of businesses using digital channels to talk directly to customers has risen from 16 to 51 per cent.

Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president, IBM Global Business Services, said: “Our research with C-suite leaders over the past decade has shown that organisations have steadily shifted to embrace more open, collaborative and reciprocal models.

“Today, CEO’s recognise that they can’t do it all alone. They’re opening up their organisations, breaking down barriers and actively engaging customers – providing customers a seat at the table to help shape their business model and strategy.”

Such a shift towards increased and more all-encompassing customer centricity seems like an inevitable side-effect of the rise of the empowered digital buyer, and it is hard to imagine this trend showing signs of slowing in the coming years.

For more information visit IBM’s The Customer-activated Enterprise microsite.