CUSTOMER INSIGHT NEWS: Men act while women click

Women spend more time browsing where as men jump right in and buy. This is not an analysis of weekend shopping patterns, but research results to help marketers understand how business professionals interact with online adverts.

According to B2B advertising network Bizo, women deliver a 23 per cent higher click-through rate than men, but after clicking men follow up with an action (e.g. downloading a whitepaper, or making a purchase) 53 per cent more than women.

Results also showed those working in publishing, accounting and pharmaceutical industries were likely to click on adverts the most. However those who were more likely to follow up with an action after they clicked worked in business services, media, hospitality and advertising industries.

As well as highlighting gender and industry, Bizo also looked at how job roles effected click-through and purchase rates. Those most likely to take action were in C-Level, IT and marketing roles.

Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo said of the findings, "This data confirms what most sophisticated marketers have come to realise - click-through rates alone are not a good way to measure the success or failure of an online campaign. Clearly there are other factors at work."

Bizo has access to more than 80 million unique online business professionals and the results gathered were based on data from January-July 2010.

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