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DATA NEWS: Adobe reveal billions wasted due to inefficient data collection

Adobe has revealed unnecessary administrative work caused by poor data collection is costing UK businesses £8.8 billion in wasted time every year.

The report, conducted by YouGov, found 30 per cent of respondents claim to spend more than five hours a month on ‘unnecessary administration work'. Adobe claim there is a link between the way data is collected and managed and the levels of ‘unnecessary' administration work.

Respondents list internal politics, duplication of efforts and collecting data ‘for the sake of it' as the main causes of administrative inefficiencies.

Adobe say the majority of UK businesses don't use electronic forms to streamline data collection. David Gingell, senior director of marketing for Adobe said, "The promise of the paperless office and the efficiencies that it would bring, have clearly yet to be realised."

The Survey, designed to increase sales of Adobe online collaboration tools and raise brand awareness, was based on the opinions of 1151 UK office workers in organisations with 50 or more employees.