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DATA NEWS: B2B to benefit from B2C data modelling says Prospect Swets

Prospect Swetenhams claims the B2B version of its new Invaluable Prospect service will deliver significantly more leads and more responsive campaigns through a sophisticated multi-dimensional data matching methodology.

Annette Holmes, MD of Prospect Swetenhams and Market Monitor, says Invaluable Prospect will offer B2B marketers with limited budgets their first access to B2C-standard data modelling techniques. “It's a complete solution for PLCs and SMEs alike,” she says.

“The Invaluable Prospect uses a combination of the best data within a new database structure based on sophisticated analytical techniques to identify the optimum target group for each and every client,” continues Holmes.

She claims the key to the service's sophistication is bespoke data linkage algorithms, which when combined with tele-verification services enables the identification of companies with multiple sites and groups not linked by registration numbers or financial groupings.

It also incorporates a data universe compiled from enhanced data from Companies House, public sector sources, Thomson Directories and pre-verified data from sister company Market Monitor.

Holmes says the service will have significant benefits for companies of all sizes, provided they are committed users of DM. “They don't have to be big mailers, but users must want to understand the data and be serious about getting their direct marketing right.” However, she admits that companies with a customer base of at least 10,000 will be able to derive most benefit.

A B2C version of the service has also been launched, although does not feature the linkage algorithms that make it unique in B2B, Prospect Swetenhams claims.


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