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DATA NEWS: B2B data petition launched

A petition seeking to exclude B2B data from proposed amendments to EU Data Protection Regulation (EUDR) has been launched by Graham Smith, marketing director at telemarketing firm SCi Sales.

Located on the Government’s official ‘epetitions’ microsite, Smith’s petition seeks to garner support for the belief that new data protection legislation designed to protect consumers is not needed in the B2B space, and, further, that it could actively damage ‘ the marketing of UK companies and their ability to sell’.

The post argues that the ownership of consumer and business data are fundamentally different: ‘The proposed EU Data Regulation (EUDR) seeks to protect data held by organisations on each of us – our personal lifestyle, purchasing habits and financial details need to be treated with respect and security.’

It continues, ‘But at work we do not function as an individual, we are part of an organisation. Our purchasing habits do not satisfy our personal needs, they satisfy the organisation’s needs. Our work email address belongs to the organisation, not to us.’

The petition will close on 4 December 2013.

For further information see the SCi Sales blog.