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DATA NEWS: B2B lifestyle data tool launched

  Information Arts launches 'BASE'B2B marketing data consultancy, Information Arts, is launching a new system that will produce insight into the lifestyle and buying habits of the self-employed and micro business sector to B2B marketers in the final week of January.

BASE, developed from Information Art's dataset - OMNI - and the company's research, is a segmentation system that combines and cross-references complementary existing datasets to create a clear description - purchasing habits, personality and lifestyle attributes - of micro businesses and the self-employed. This can enable a better success rate for marketers, in a range of industries of all sizes  including telecoms, technology and financial, to target this sector. 

"The self-employed sector has, until now, been the hardest sector to reach for marketing professionals, but with the creation of BASE we have finally lifted the lid on the buying attributes of this sector," explains Simon Lawrence, CEO of Information Arts.

Organisations are able to use BASE on its own or with other geographical and SIC filter to develop customer profiles for targeting.

"The arrival of BASE as an further segmentation attribute of our own OMNI database will spell an end to the blind targeting of the past, allowing it to be replaced by greater insight and a much higher success rate for marketing professionals," says Lawrence.

BASE will initially be marketed to Information Arts existing client base, which encompasses a wide range of businesses. It will then be rolled out to the high-tech energy and financial sector by DM and telemarketing when the details are finalised.


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