DATA NEWS: B2Group rolls out UK national business census and signs Daisy Group as telco sector partner

B2Group is rolling out The SME Census - a continuous telephone survey of three million UK SMEs - to provide sector-exclusive lead generation and customer creation solutions for B2B blue-chip companies.

Lead generation specialist B2Group is currently contracting with a number of partners in a wide range of industries - from telecommunications to financial services, and IT to utilities - on a sector-exclusive basis.

Integrated voice and data provider Daisy Group is working with B2Group as its first fully contracted partner. Stuart Cordingley of Daisy Group said, "We are partnering with B2Group to complement our lead generation programme, helping to drive the business' organic expansion. We have worked hard with B2Group to ensure the customer acquisition process is as smooth as possible."

B2Group is headed by a senior management team including CEO Jeremy Whitaker, formerly of DLG and EHS Brann, Andrew Colwell, marketing director, previously at LBM, Energis, Trinity Mirror and Bank of Scotland and Roger Lingard, commercial director, formerly at Freedom Finance, Gillette, and Procter & Gamble.

Whitaker said, "The traditional model of data-driven marketing, through list rental and cold-calling, is broken. In these tough economic times, UK businesses are looking to outsource more of the customer acquisition process to improve ROI and reduce fixed costs.