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DATA NEWS: Blue Sheep agrees database contract with Manutan

Data company Blue sheep has signed a three year contract with Rapid Racking and Keys, subsidiary's of French B2B DM company Manutan, for a centralised database solution.

The £625,000 contract will see Blue Sheep pool resources from both companies and create a marketing database platform that will provide a single universe view of existing customers and prospects.

The new platform is designed to allow timely, bespoke and trigger campaigns to be designed and carried out quickly. The system is also designed to track its performance against Rapid Racking and Key's KPI's through the production of management reports.

Iain Lovatt, chairman at Blue Sheep said, "The search for greater customer insight starts and ends with a sound and coherent data strategy. The development of a single, centralised data platform allows a multi-dimensional approach to marketing that really delivers a one-to-one experience that makes a significant difference to customer acquisition and retention."