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DATA NEWS: Blue Sheep launches dataset of ebusiness company profiles

Blue Sheep has launched a new dataset of company e-business profiles, providing precise information about organisations' Internet activity, including ecommerce capabilities, hosting details, security policy and domain information. This data will enable precise targeting by companies marketing technical services to this audience. The dataset has been developed in with NetExtract.

Iain Lovatt, joint managing director of Blue Sheep, comments, “With over £14.5 billion spent online in 2004, demand for ecommerce and hosting services continues to grow. Companies experiencing rapid growth in online services need to provide the appropriate technology to support their business expectations. Web-exclusive data such as this empowers suppliers to identify when a business may need to update, expand or refresh its technology and services to keep pace with demand.”

Up to 100 technical characteristics can be generated through this service to facilitate precise marketing campaigns. These selections will allow companies to promote products to best prospects using highly targeted data and to enhance their understanding of customer behaviour.