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DATA NEWS: Blutopia aims to find Cinderella of B2B

 Lee says Bluetopia could
"revolutionalise" the
winner's CRM strategy
 Blue Sheep has joined forces with rival data supplier The Read Group and the IDM to launch a novel marketing initiative, promising £250k of marketing support to the most deserving B2B company.

The initiative is positioned as a competition, branded Blutopia, with companies who enter providing details of their situation and marketing needs. Unlike conventional competitions, the ‘winner' will be the organisation that demonstrates the greatest need, rather than the one that has achieved the highest standards.

Blue Sheep says the initiative emerged in response to the unsettled economic climate, and that Blutopia is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of maintaining a focus on strategic marketing. Richard Lee, MD of Blue Sheep, says Blutopia has the potential to "revolutionise the customer strategy of the winning company. Many companies currently face financial restrictions that prevent them from implementing a sophisticated CRM (customer relationship management) approach."

The winning company will benefit from a project worth £250k to develop a single customer view, using Blue Sheep's AIM platform, and lasting 12 months. The Read Group is also contributing £25k worth of suppression services to the competition, whilst the winning organisation will also benefit from £10k's worth of training from the IDM. Mail services company TNT has also indicated that it is sponsoring the initiative, but has declined to specify what prize it will be contributing.

Companies must enter online at by August 29. The winner will be announced in September.

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