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DATA NEWS: Carbon footprint of 2.7 million businesses revealed by LBM

Business data specialist LBM has developed a model that marketers can use to target companies concerned with the impact their business has on the environment.

The Carbon Footprinting Model indicates the carbon footprint of 2.7 million individual businesses and the extent to which they contribute to global warming and climate change. The model also calculates the likelihood that those businesses are proactively doing something in order to combat their level of carbon emissions.

These two indicators provide companies with a good overview of UK businesses' carbon footprint, which can be used to actively target their energy-efficient products into the market place and gives them the opportunity to talk to people who are concerned about the impact their business has on the environment. The data will be built on and updated every six to 12 months.

The tool was created by fusing existing models and estimates direct carbon emissions from each UK company's operations. LBM also carried out a research campaign targeting 150,000 companies from a cross-section of the UK market to gain their views about the environment. The model also indicates the extent to which each company is actively pursuing more environmentally-friendly processes, which involves gaining information about their active policy for reducing CO2 emissions and use of energy-saving products.

Hannah Temple, head of product development at LBM, says, “We are very excited about this model. It is a unique tool that will provide invaluable information to brands that are selling energy-saving products or services. The level of carbon emissions produced by everyday activity is a growing concern for businesses. This model will not only help companies target their products it will also help businesses assess their own need to do something about their current carbon footprint.”