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DATA NEWS: Coca Cola strikes deal to drive channel sales

 Coca-Cola Enterprises has signed a ground-breaking deal with data specialists Serendipity2 aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of its channel sales through sophisticated targeting and analytics.

The contract represents a radical departure for Coca-Cola Enterprises [the commercial arm of the company in the UK] by centralising its various databases into a single source for the first time, to be managed and hosted by Serendipity2. The data specialist has a seven-year track record of working with the soft drinks brand on ad hoc projects, although MD Peter Flood describes this new deal as creating a "massive opportunity. We will be helping Coca-Cola Enterprises drive strategic development," he explains.

Information on various different kinds of resellers - including corner shops, vending machines and cafés etc from Coca-Cola's various databases has been transferred to Serendipity2, for modelling using its Segmentz analytics tool. The aim is to combine it with geo-demographic and workplace data to highlight marketing opportunites via the resellers to consumers.

The combined potential audience of channel resellers of all types in the UK is believed to be in excess of a quarter of a million separate outlets. Andy Jones, insights controller at Coca-Cola Enterprises, comments, "It is vital to be able to identify the best retailers in the right locations to distribute [our] products. Coca-Cola understands the dynamics of the total marketplace and Seredipity2 has the ability to offer something unique."

Serendipity2 declined to be drawn on the length of the contract, describing it as "long-term".


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