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DATA NEWS: Culturemap launches B2B planning software

Research company, Culturemap has announced it is launching the first integrated planning tool for B2B marketing and communications audiences.

Business Culture Index (BCI) will be released at the end of the month and is designed to allow users to monitor company behaviour in over 37,000 ways. The software has been developed with Kantar Media, the company behind the consumer marketing tool TGI.

Culturemap is using PR and direct marketing to reach media owners, marcomms and media agencies. With the release of BCI it is aiming to expand the usage of its data to the marketing and media world. The data in the B2B software comes from an annual survey of more than 3,500 companies.

Beta tests took place 18 months ago and it has been tested by business brands such as Royal Mail. Culturemap say it proved BCI as a research method worked and attracted sponsorship and is confident the software will prove to be a common industry standard.

John Owrid, co-founder of Culturemap, says, "the timing of our latest research (July 2009) means that we now have easily the most comprehensive view of the real effects of the recession. And contrary to earlier fears, the small business sector which has grown rapidly during the last decade shows little signs of serious damage."