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DATA NEWS: Cyance launches UK's biggest B2B email file


  Mike Housley, Cyance

Business-to-business data specialist Cyance has announced the launch of its E-base - a compilation of over one million permission-based UK business email addresses to form an integral part of its Multiverse file.

The addresses on the e-base were collated from pre-existing permission based email lists from various data owners, and is believed to be the largest collection of B2B email addresses compiled in one place to date.

Thomson Directories, despite owning data on over two million businesses, only holds around 500,000 opt-in business email addresses and Market Location currently owns 400,000 non-permission based business email addresses; 90 per cent of which are personalised.

Mike Housley, MD of Cyance, says, "Over 90 per cent of the email addresses on the e-base are personalised rather than generic. B2B email marketing represents a major customer growth opportunity - if it is handled professionally and uses correctly sourced permission based data. With the growth in B2B social networks and email communications it is increasingly important that marketers develop an integrated digital strategy; our new e-base provides a unique foundation to support this activity."

The new file will enable anyone who buys the data to produce targeted customer acquisition campaigns and append their own client files with the new data. Cyance's larger Multiverse file, which was launched in March, compiles details on around four million businesses from SMEs to PLCs, and is updated monthly to keep data clean and accurate.

The news of this significant launch comes as Market Monitor also announces the introduction of its B2B email database, which contains 223,000 individually verified UK business email addresses. The B2B data specialist collected the data through in-house research and televerification.



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