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DATA NEWS: DQM enhances suppression in new Business Changes File release

DQM Group has launched a new version of the Royal Mail Business Changes File (BCF) – which provides details of UK company moves or closures, enabling data cleansing – featuring enhanced suppression functionality.

Shaun Randles, senior data development manager at Royal Mail, comments, “We have added a lot more returned mail data, with a confidence measure that depicts the number of times we have had returns. A unique feature of BCF is that it can update databases with new addresses as well as suppress [defunct addresses].”

Release of edition three of the BCF follows the recent launch by DQM of a sister product – the Business Moves File (BMF) – that only provides information on company relocations. Randles says this lower-level product is essentially designed as a prospecting tool, facilitating the targeting of companies who have recently moved and may therefore require new suppliers and services, whilst the premium product is designed for cleansing.

The sophistication of the products is reflected in their pricing: a license for unlimited annual use of BCF costs £24,000, whilst BMF is charged at £12,000. Royal Mail also offers use of the product via its own bureau service, or it can be accessed via a licensed reseller.