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DATA NEWS: Electric Marketing identifies missing marketers

Electric Marketing has compiled a list of 20,000 company directors and senior managers who have left work since January 2008 in order to keep databases up-to-date.

The business mailing list supplier is making the empty desks file available to data managers for just under £300. The file focuses on senior staff members across all industry sectors that tend to receive a lot of direct mail and e-marketing.

The file, which was made available at the beginning of September, is designed to save businesses money on promotional material that is no longer reaching the right people. Electric Marketing says it has followed the shrinking of Britain's corporate landscape and expects a positive response rate to the form from its clients.

Robert Bingham, managing director of Electric Marketing says, "The Empty Desks file could save direct marketers a lot of budget on wasted mailshots, postage and e-broadcasting, as well as saving your corporate blushes in the environmental stakes."