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DATA NEWS: Eurocontactpool conquers Scandinavia

Pan-European business database EuroContactPool has just announced a further expansion of its records of companies, taking the total size of its company listing past the 16 million mark. It has also increased its list of individual business executives to over 13.5 million.

The boost to its numbers comes from the addition of data from the full Scandinavia region, comprising Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. This takes the total number of companies on EuroContactPool's list to 12.

The data owner claims this technologically advanced region offers significant opportunities to business marketers. Hakan Axelsson, sales director for EuroContactPool, comments, “These developments will open up the Scandinavian region to the vast range of UK businesses, and will be of particular interest to the technology sectors.”

The next targets for EuroContactPool's planned expansion are Belgium, Austria and Switzerland, after which it will focus on Eastern Europe starting with Poland.

The company has not yet sold its entire business database to a single client, although it has sold multi-country deals including regional ones for the whole of the Scandinavia region. Pricing of EuroContactPool's data is unified across the whole of Europe.


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