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DATA NEWS: EuroContactPool moves closer to total EU coverage

EuroContactPool, the pan-European database, is expanding both its geographical reach and its range of services through a series of new initiatives.

The number of countries covered by EuroContactPool is expected to reach 13 this year, with the addition of Norway, Finland and Belgium, which it aims to add in the spring. These additions take it one step closer to its objective of providing data for all 25 EU companies by mid-2006.

In the meantime, the company has entered the data services market, with the launch of data cleaning, enhancement and profiling services. All three are entirely new offerings, and were launched in all its operating countries simultaneously.

Hakan Axelsson, sales director at EuroContactPool, comments, “the main obstacle was to match companies' information across all the countries and languages we operate in.”

He acknowledges that there are numerous data services companies already operating in the UK, but says the ability to work on an organisation's records for an entire continent is the USP for the new offering. “We have already got a number of requests for this service,” says Axelsson. “At the moment, we are the only supplier offering this level of service, but if we are successful others will follow.”

Data is processed centrally at EuroContactPool's headquarters in Sweden.