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DATA NEWS: Experian makes NBD available to SMEs through MarketingFile

Experian is pushing forward its strategy of making its National Business Database (NBD) available to SMEs through licensing deals with 'supermarket'-style resellers, enabling it to build brand presence.

The first such deal was signed in November with MarketingFile, enabling small volumes of NBD data to be bought online from the reseller's website. As B2B Marketing went to press, Experian said it was finalising a second such license.

Richard Lloyd, director of B2B marketing at Experian, comments, “we are keen to build a presence for NBD in the SME market by working with suppliers who are already trusted by these companies. This is a key strategic objective. These companies are often only using micro amounts of data, which is hard for us to make revenues from.” MarketingFile's automated system makes revenue generation from smaller data volumes more practical.

Lloyd describes MarketingFile as: “the UK's premium data supermarket. This deal enables our brand to sit on their shelves.”

Chris Loveys, director of MarketingFile, says the NBD complements its portfolio-approach to data. “We currently have around 160 databases – it is very important to offer our clients choice. NBD is selling extremely well so far.”

Experian continues to license NBD directly to clients, and to third parties who are adding value before reselling.


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