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DATA NEWS: Industry must be open about data use survey finds

Over 65 per cent of European online publishers believe consumer acceptance of behavioural targeting will be encouraged if companies are open with them about using their data, and ensure they then provide targeted and relevant ads.

This figure was revealed in the second part of the 'New Rules of Revenue' survey undertaken by online advertising revenue firm, Improve Digital.

The study also found that 50 per cent of respondents felt that external parties should be able to use a publisher's audience data to better target advertising campaigns.

However 90 per cent of publishers surveyed said increased transparency, in the form of comprehensive information available to people outside the industry, was needed in order for digital marketing to reach its full potential.

Working with multiple ad networks increased the need for data protection according to 93 per cent of publishers, although three-quarters also agreed that it was a significant problem to monitor which third party is collecting what audience data through cookies.

"Behavioural targeting is a valuable tool for online advertisers and publishers alike because it enables relevant ads to be served to a pre-defined target audience, which increases the value of inventory," explains Nic Peters, managing director of Improve Digital UK.

"Therefore it also significantly enhances the online experience for consumers, who see adverts that relate to their interests.  However, this is not well understood, with the result that behavioural targeting is often viewed in a negative light. 

"Organisations must therefore be rigorous about being transparent in their actions, as well as ensuring they use audience data to deliver tangible benefits back to consumers."