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DATA NEWS: Information Arts launches 'best of breed' database



Information Arts has launched a ‘best of breed' B2B database that incorporates data from eight of the UK's top data suppliers.


The OMNI database blends data from Dun and Bradstreet, Harte Hanks, Acxiom, Euro Direct, Corpdata, Oscar Research, Market Monitor and Data HQ. Information Arts claims it is the only database in the UK and Europe to contain Dun and Bradstreet data as part of the blend, following the recent withdrawal of Dun and Bradstreet's data from PH Group's Megafile.

OMNI classifies around 4.2 million businesses and 10 million individual decision makers, which includes coverage of the owner managed small business and SoHo sector. In Europe, OMNI combines Dun and Bradstreet with multiple directory sources to provide a comprehensive service for the IT sector, blending information from Harte Hanks' CiTDB product. CiTDB data tracks technology installations, business demographics and key decision makers in more than 20 European countries.

Simon Lawrence, CEO of Information Arts, says, "Most data providers still seem obsessed by the ‘mine's bigger than yours' argument and miss the customer perspective entirely. OMNI has not been built simply to be the largest file available, but to deliver real insight and to provide the most appropriate data - selected in the most appropriate manner,  to our clients - whether they are marketing just in the UK or in Europe."

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